July 2010 - Picasso Pictures - McDonalds
I did he rigs for the two birds in the commercial, which involved features like squash and stretch, a facial UI for morphtargets,, secondary motion on the rear feathers, fur and feather RND.

May 2010 - Taylor James - Look Dev. Ink in Water
As the name suggests I've been doing some RND of ink in water. The test underneath have been created with 3dsMax Particle Flow and Krakatoa. Will upload anim tests. later

May 2010 - Personal Project - WIP Zbrush Creature Work
It started out as an internal friendly competition at work that was taking place at lunch hours, whenever you felt like you could spend some time on it. It was a good chance for me to gain more knowhow in Zbrush. I've learnt a lot that will help me sketch out concepts fast in 3D, that later can be used in real production.

March 2010 - Taylor James - Organic Character Rigging Training
Further work with the animation department has seen me setting up organic character rigging training, that involved muscle setups, blendshapes, hand / facial ui. etc.

Feb. 2010 - Taylor James - Animation Pipeline & Mechanical Character Rigging Training
I have been working with setting up the animation department, it's been a lot of documentation, folder stuctures and R&D. I've also started create some training for internal use. One of the rig classes will be to rig a robot character, so I thought what would be better than Wall-E?? I've just started to model and rig him, it's taken 3 days so far. I heard that Pixar spent 3 months on sorting out the tracks for him... hopefully it won't take that long!!!.

December 2009 - Taylor James - Rolex R&D - Rigs
I worked with setting up rigs for a few watches (key frame, physX, cloth and reactor based rigs). Click on the image below to see a test..

November 2009 - Taylor James - American Express
I worked with animation, shading, rendering and 2D effects as well as the layout for both the print campaign and the tv spot.

October 2009 - Taylor James - Rolex
I worked with texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing and 2D effects work for four out of nine new Rolex watches.

September 2009 - Personal Project - New ways of lighting with HDR
I created these models in 2004, which became useful when I tried out new ways of lighting with hdr images.


July 2009 - Personal Project - Famous Faces
I've created some different heads during my time, however I've not seen them as being that realistic before. Here are some attempts (still in wip) with the actor Tom Cruise and actress Angelina Jolie. Both created from photos I found on the net. They have currently camera map textures.

July 2009 - Personal Project - Fashion Design
I have been creating a few fashion designs together with my girlfriend. The ideas were sketched in photoshop and the designs were later recreated in 3D (Zbrush).

July 2009 - Personal Project - Bell Helicopter Transformer

This project started out after I had seen the an ad from Digital Domain, and I thought I'd like to do something like that on my own. Countless hours later, after trial and error and bringing out every trick in the book ( I had only one machine to render it on) I am proud to say I am happy of how it turned out.



June 2009 - Burrows Ltd - Lincoln MKS Updates - UK
When working on the Lincoln MKS 2009 project, I updated the car as well as created and tuned shaders.

May 2009 - Burrows Ltd - Land Rover Engine Image - UK
I worked on a high resolution engine image for the Land Rover, creating quite a few textures for the image.
Spring 2009 - Ford work - UK
Here I patched a few high resolution photos with CGI. Shown here is a Ford Transit van that gets new body work and a colour tint.
Spring 2009 - Burrows Ltd - Ford Kuga - UK

I worked on a few web commercials for Ford Kuga (I did the car animation, camera placement, scene compositioning, VFX (smoke) & rendering). We worked closely with MPC in one of the projects.
Some of the projects used live background or spherons others were full CGI shots.


Winter 2008 - Burrows Ltd - Avon Tyres Pitch -UK
This included setting up the character with textures/shaders and a biped rig and animated it.
Winter 2008 - Burrows Ltd - Mazda mx 5 (Front cover on the european brochure) - UK
I created the front cover image for the mx 5 2009 european brochure (I camera matched the cad data, set up shaders, lighting & composited it together).
Autumn 2008 - Burrows Ltd - FA CUP Pitch - UK
This project saw me creating a story board for the pitch. The client loved it but chose to go with a less expensive suggestion.
Winter 2007 - Burrows Ltd - Land Rover LRX Concept - UK
I created the abstract environment for the LRX in the exterior shots. I also created the interior camera animation as well as the animation on the interior. The exterior movie was shown at The Detroit Motor Show 2008.

Autumn 2007 - Freelance @ Milford Film & Animation - Tele 2 "Snackis" - Sweden
I created one of the characters in the commercial with blendshapes. I also created a lot of props such as mobile phones, street signs, etc. The commercial was aired in Sweden.
Autumn 2007 - Freelance @ Trendy - The Body Shop - Sweden
Created all cgi for the web campaign.
Autumn 2007 - Freelance @ Alphaville - Friskies - Sweden
I started this project very late in production, as a "fixer". I was assigned to sort out render layers, re-animate creatures and improve textures. The commercial was aired in the U.S.A.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Fido Film - Pedras Sabores - Sweden
Created colour and displacement textures for the seal. The commercial was aired in Portugal
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Fido Film - Snuggle - Sweden
I created the inital snuggle character for the web campain, from blueprint to mesh and textures. However, he was a little bit too round for the clients like so he got a little bit toned after I left the project. I also did fur R&D for the company onsite.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Perfect Fools - SBAB - Sweden
I created several camera animations, used camera mapping a lot and rendered out many assets.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - Telenor - Sweden
I created the theatre scene, with modelling, textures, as well as lighting and rendering layers.The commercial was unfortunately cancelled after it had been delivered and thus not aired at all.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - Lifesavers - Sweden
I created all the fruits, textured, shaded, lighted and rendered them, as well as making a venetian drapers animation. You can see some of the fruits below.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - Norma jean Pitch- Sweden
Created the character using guidelines, texture mapped and made a motiontest .. all within 3 days.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - KMart Pitch- Sweden
Created props for the character (toolbelt, tools and a coat )I then did a motion clean up of the character later on.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - American Teen Movie - Sweden
I created a few characters for the American Teen Movie. I supplied the involved artists with a pipeline which included setting up a folder structure, supplying them with scripts, rigs and light setups. Underneath you can see a few screengrabs of the characters during the character refining process.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - Various Pitches - Sweden
I created a lot of funky buildings that were used in various pitches.They are seen below cast for MTV Nordic and University of Tennessee.
Summer 2007 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - British Telecom - Sweden
This project saw me creating a stylished version of Sir Martin Sorrel (CEO of BT) as well as a lot of funky looking buildings. (You can see some of them above in the various pitches). BT put the production on hold midway.
Summer 2007 - Personal Project - Orc Character
I started to sketch an orc character that I later decided to create and develop in 3D.
Oct 2006 to Feb 2007 - Employed @ Grin - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon adv. Warfighter 2
I worked as a GGI artist with architecture and with environment conversion. I converted the "Fort" level from Red Storms Xbox 360 version to the PC.
Oct 2006 - Freelance @ Against All Odds - Tylenor - Sweden
Created lots of creatures, rigs and directed the scene placement as well as camera angles. The commercials were aired in Canada.
Summer 2006 - Freelance @ Syndicate - Nibe - Sweden
I created the previs for the commercial. The camera animation was later exported and used on a MILO rig.
Feb to Jun 2006 - Freelance @ Visual Art - Various Commercials - Sweden
This project involved me working on various broadcast commercials. I did a lot of concept work, storyboards, character animation, character rigging and light setups. I also directed scene placement which I believe showed my skills in cinematography.
Personal Projects - Various Concept Cars
Some concept cars i've made.

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